For you.

You dear, sweet thing reading this. This is just for you.

I am writing this late at night, after the sun has long gone to bed, and the owls have come out to play with the moon. This is a magic hour. The world outside my window is quiet, and I feel that I can hear just what your heart is saying.


I wish that you could see how glorious you are. In fact, I hope that you see how glorious you are. I hope that you see the shimmering beauty that lies within your skin. I don’t mean the physical attributes that you might find to be aesthetically pleasing, I’m talking about that delightful spirit. The playful smile that comes out when you run through tall grass, or play hop-scotch with a 5 year old. The passionate fire that comes out of you when you stand up for something you believe in. The soft, tender love that swirls around you when you kiss your lover’s neck, or when you brush your child’s hair.


Do you know how perfect this moment is? Do you know that right now, as always, you are love. Pure and simple. YOU. ARE. LOVE.


As I sit here with my keyboard as the keys of a piano, a classical melody plays in the background and I am thinking of all the things I wish I could tell you. All the lies that you have been told, that I wish I could go through one by one, and disprove to you. I wish I could show you how utterly perfect you are. You with your bruises and scars and your old memories of heartbreak and grief. You with your fresh wishes and your old dreams. You, who have been told, that you can’t, you shouldn’t, you couldn’t possibly… why would you want to, anyway, afterall.


Do you hear me? Listen up. You, Yes YOU. You are LOVE. You are perfect. You are capable. And you know what else? You, my glorious one, You deserve it ALL. Everything. Everything you want. Every experience, every love story, every happiness, every dance floor, every beach day, every snow day, every twirling-around-in-the-rain-moment… You deserve it all. You are worth it.


Did you hear that bit? YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT.