You Have Been Lied To

You’re stuck. You feel trapped. Your lungs feel like a vacuum and you suspect that maybe your spirit is being crushed. It’s breaking my heart just to hear it. I want you to know something. I need you to know that this is not it for you. This is not the way it’s meant to be. This is not how it has to be for the rest of your days. This is not how it ends.

You have the ability, the resources, the drive, and the choice to create the life that you want. You have everything you need, even though that might seem impossible. You have it all right now, you just need to recognize it, and begin to tap into your natural drive and genius.

You’ve been told your whole life that you have to live a certain way, or more properly, you *should* live a certain way. That this way is ‘safe and normal’. Guess what? You’ve been lied to. You’ve been sucked into the vortex of ‘this is how it has always been done and therefore shall continue to be so, because I said so’. It doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of people right this very instant who are breaking the mould. They are choosing their own freedom over traditional expectation. They are ensuring that they don’t get to the end of their lives and regret all the things they didn’t allow themselves to do, or all the years they ignored their true desires. Summon your courage and give your heart permission to believe, to dream, to try. Choose freedom. Choose your dream life. Choose you.

Somehow you have been convinced to scale your dreams down to what someone else has deemed ‘realistic’. No one is required to adhere to that same small thinking, but for some reason, most of us get caught in the trap.  What’s realistic for one is not the same ‘realistic’ for all. Give yourself permission to think freely, and think expansively.

Can you think back to the time before you were told to shove your dreams into a bottle or put them on the back-burner? Can you remember the possibilities that used to light up your soul? Can you remember the ideas that were so big that they excited you to your very core?

  • What were those dreams?
  • What’s stopping you from living them?
  • Who told you that your dreams are too big?
  • And why have you continued to believe what they said, after all this time?

Dreamers have created this world. Dreamers are inventors, painters, musicians, poets, performers, entrepreneurs, writers, and creatives of all kinds. Individual people with a mammoth idea and an unstoppable yearning in their heart for what might be. Each and every one of us has some kind of vision, some kind of passion and drive, deep within us. That small whisper that says ‘give it a try‘. Or the loud voice that yells ‘Now is our chance!‘. Can you hear it? Or have you shoved your dreams so far into the chest at the back of your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten what magic the contents hold? Go lift the lid, gather your dreams. It’s time to let them into the light.


xo daphne