Oh Hey There!


Oh Hey There!


Let's go on an Adventure!

Let's go on an Adventure!


I'm Daphne

I have great passion for adventure, travel, love, and experiencing life the way it is meant to be experienced; wholly and with wide-eyed wonder. Are you with me so far? Excellent! Some background about this chika right here...

I was trained as a yoga teacher in India, which was my first trip overseas. With stopovers in Dubai and Frankfurt, I realized that the travel bug had bitten me. Hard.

I wound up living in Peru for 2 years (tough, I know) where I co-owned and operated a small travel company with my Peruvian partner, co-leading trips to Machu Picchu and backpacking all over the majestic Peruvian countryside. I have a background in Psychology, I’m a trained Reiki Master, and I have studied at the Coaches Training Institute. All of these experiences have reinforced my love of excitement, adventure, and supporting others to reach for their dreams.

We all have magic inside of us. I believe this with all of my heart. Sometimes we need to be shown another path. A possibility.

  • Do you ever wonder if there is more to life?
  • Do you ever think “this can’t be all there is”?
  • Do you long to break away from a life of ‘shoulds’?
  • Are you ready to start living the life you truly WANT to be living?

Take my hand, let me show you the way. 

The truth is you have magnificent power, grace, and talent inside of you. It would be my honour to remind you how to open the door to your own freedom.

My mission here is to provide tools and strategies and gentle nudges so that you can be reminded of your greatness. The greatness that you already suspect is there. *psst. It IS!

I delight in watching someone step into their magnificence.

Feeling like you want more in your life? Feeling like you want to live, bigger, more boldly, and more in alignment with the dream in your heart? Ready to step into your zone of brilliance? Check out my blog and jump on the mailing list.

xo Daphne



Ready For More?

There Are Two Different Ways We Can Work Together

Elevation Sessions

Six (6) 45 minute calls held over a month and a half to strip away any old beliefs that are holding you back. We will map out exactly what your dream life looks like and then create  actionable steps to begin pulling elements of your dream life into the now.  

You will receive a recording of each call for your later review ( this helps when we get through a LOT during a call and you want to be focusing instead of furiously taking notes). 

You'll have email support from me between calls as well. When questions, frustrations, points of confusion, or big wins happen, I'm there to lean on and be a sounding board. You will be supported the entire way through. This is all for you. 

The Elevation Sessions provide BIG shifts and you Will see changes in yourself and in your life. I'll have your back the entire way. 

Each person needs something a little different, the Elevation Sessions are tailored to exactly what YOU need. There is no generic recipe here, you will get what you need in order to make big changes, start shifting your mindset, and begin living the way you've always wanted to. 

INVESTMENT: $550 usd*

The Shot of Clarity

 A one time 45 minute call to get you laser focused on what you need. That could mean drilling down to what's keeping you blocked and stuck, or that could mean whipping up an action plan to get you to where you want to be.  You will receive a pre-work document so that I have a good idea of where you're at. This way as soon as our call begins, we can hit the ground running and start making the changes you need NOW.

Does this sound familiar?:

  • You're feeling dissatisfied with your current work situation
  • You know you are meant for much better things, but don't know where to start
  • You long to live a life of adventure, travel, happiness and joy
  • You long for something more, something that fulfills you and excites your heart, and you don't want to wait any longer.

You don't have to do it on your own. I'm here to help you map out the next steps to get you moving in the direction you're being pulled towards.  This is an action call and you WILL have steps to begin implementing after we finish up. 

INVESTMENT: $97 usd*

  • for payment options click here

*Canadian clients have the option to pay via e-transfer or Canadian credit card,  at the current exchange rate. Email daphne@daphnepatterson.com for this option.

After you have made payment you will receive an email from me within 24 hours with some pre-work questions. Once I've received your pre-work answers, you will receive a link to schedule our first call together


Everything is about to change

But, I'm not sure just yet!

No problem!  Click the button below to book a 20 minute discovery call at no charge. This is a great way to check in and make sure we're a good 'fit' for one another. This call is not a coaching call, we won't get deep into any heavy stuff, however, it's an opportunity for you to ask questions about how our sessions together might look based on your particular goals, and what you might expect from our time together. 


What People Are Saying


"Thank you Daphne, for allowing me to explore what was on my mind and coming up through the day the day. Your compassion and understanding was supportive and comforting for me as I allowed myself to be a bit more vulnerable each time we spoke. You shared insight and knowledge, as well as challenged me to go a little deeper and sent me away with tangible tools to use and work on each week. I didn't realize how much I needed our time together until it got underway. I appreciated and trusted your guidance through difficult times, and am grateful to have had your light. Thank you." ~Robin A.

"I got clarity surrounding what I wanted to work on, and understood the concrete steps I needed to take to work towards my goal. Daphne is an amazing coach who helped me understand that it is, indeed, possible to live the life I have always dreamed of.  She helped me realize that I had options, that I was empowered to build my ideal life and that I wasn't doomed to the dreaded 9 - 5 just because that is what the world expects of us. I finally understood that it was possible to be creative every day, and build a job out of the things I actually love to do." ~ Laura Caceres of Furniture Revivalist  

"Daphne created a space for me to share my personal challenges and what I was working through. I felt listened to and received fresh perspectives on my life situations as well as creative and effective tools to empower myself. Her lovely voice and calm presence, and her ability to listen to details allowed for the conversation to organically unfold, and I became present to what actually was happening in my life. I left feeling inspired and excited to try on all the tools I received throughout our sessions. I cleared things out of my own way and now I have space to crush my goals and be up to big things. Daphne you are fabulous and truly an inspiration. Thank you!"~Yvonne W

"Daphne's approach is dynamic. Her warm guidance invited me to dialogue in detail, first with thought then with written word. Who doesn't want to live the life of their dreams? Thank you, Daphne!" ~Susan T.

" I was hoping to get some clarity and guidance towards my life goals. What I got was so much more than that. I learned how to identify exactly what I wanted to work towards and which steps to start taking immediately. Thank you so much!"   ~Tiffany P. 

"It takes an effort to define your goals, but acheiving them requires support and guidance. Daphne was very supportive in her coaching in providing me with guidance and direction towards reaching my personal goals. Thank you!" ~ Ahmed H


ready to live the life of your dreams?

ready to live the life of your dreams?


Your Life is Your Choice

What will you create? Where will you go?

What will you see?

Let's get to work creating your Dream Driven Life! 

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Summon Your Courage

Your time is NOW

Summon Your Courage

Your time is NOW