An Ode To Friendship

One of the sweetest gifts we can ever receive is the gift of a real, non-polished, raw, and honest friendship. Think of the dear, close friends in your life. Think of the moments of wild laughter, the memories of taking giant leaps together, the times of being each others safety net. They know you, and you know them… not the way other people know you. You see who they truly are, and they know exactly what’s in your heart. These are your kindred friends. Your soul sisters and brothers.

In times of struggle, when everything seems impossible, when your heart has stopped believing, these are the times when friendship steps in. Regardless of the stage of life you’re in, you will have varying circles of friends. Maybe a few dozen or perhaps only one or two. The amount of friends does not matter. There will be a special few who will stick by you. They will be there in your darkest times, when you feel deflated and defeated. They will remind you that the sun still shines and that you are still breathing, they will remind you of those simple sweet gifts. They will remind you that you are special and worthy of love, that you are made of stardust and that you have the power to guide your own life no matter how out-of-control it seems.



These friends will be there for you during your times of joy, when the summer winds blow through your hair and laughter echoes throughout your home. They will also support you and love you and help you to remember your own magic when you have forgotten the beauty of your spirit. In moments of desperation when you are pleading with the universe, crying on your kitchen floor, these will be the friends who lay down beside you on the linoleum, stroke your hair, and give you the space to weep. They will be the ones to help you up, listen to your fears with patience and compassion, and when you are done, only then will they offer their gentle guidance. These are the special few. They may drift in and out of your life, but you will always know that you are there for one another. You may talk every day or you may not speak for years on end but there is a deep knowing, a deep trust, and a mutual understanding of love and support and friendship.

Pay close attention when one of these kindred soul steps into your life. They may arrive in unexpected ways, through unexpected channels, but you’ll feel the connection. You won’t be able to miss it. They will know your spirit and you will know theirs. How wonderful that you get to see all of their joy and success and adventure, and that you get to be their support during troubled times. They will trust you with their happiness and with their grief. This is one of the deepest bonds of life.

You will travel together, you will laugh together, you will cry together, you will live together, you will break the rules together, you will learn about life together. You will experience things together that you could never experience alone, because they were with you and their genuine smile and contagious laugh made it that much better. The memories you will create will surely bring a smile to your face and warmth into your heart. You will trust each other with everything. This is a sacred and special bond, it cannot be replaced, or feigned, nor can it be broken. You will always hold a special place in your heart for these kindred friends.

Sometimes they will surprise you, shock you, upset you, even unintentionally hurt you. There is one thing for sure, they will love you for exactly who you are. They will never ask you to be someone different, they will never ask you to pretend. They will push your buttons and force you to grow, but this will always be with the best intention at heart. They will show you more of who you truly are, and they will not let you live a small existence. They will encourage you, push you, expect you to step into your power and to live the life you are meant to be living. They will never allow you to shrink or to be passive with your life.  You will help one another grow, to live boldly and to remember why you started when you lose inspiration. Be grateful if you find one of these precious friendships. Be ecstatic if you find two. These friends are irreplaceable gems in your life.

I have been incredibly fortunate in this aspect, for which I am so grateful. To my sweet, dear, inspiring friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made my days so rich with your presence.  I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. Thank you for knowing how to pick up the pieces, and how to make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts and my cheeks cramp up. I love you. Thank you.

xo daphne

Now it’s your turn:  

How have your deep friendships impacted your life?
What is one of your favourite moments you’ve shared with dear friends?
Have you lost touch with one of your kindred friends? Maybe now is the time to reconnect.
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