Your dream is more important than the stories you tell yourself as to why you can’t achieve it. Your dream is more important than the activities you waste time doing.

Your dream is more important than:

  • Facebook scrolling
  • Netflix
  • time sucks
  • worrying
  • procrastinating
  • fear
  • television
  • reading the comments section…

When you have your dream clear in mind, at the very forefront of your mind, it becomes much more difficult to ignore. When you surround yourself with reminders of how important your dream really is, of what it really means to you and your heart, it becomes impossible to convince yourself that anything that drains your time without contributing to your life is worth giving up your dream for.

Nearly everyone has some degree of struggle with procrastination. My advice is not to beat yourself up when you procrastinate or find yourself being sucked into the vortex of social media, but to become aware of what you’re trading for that time.  If in all honesty you need a break from focus, you simply need entertainment for a period of time, then by all means honour that, be real with yourself, give yourself a break and have a Netflix marathon.

One important key is to notice when you need these breaks and make an agreement with yourself. Set a boundary of how long you will allow yourself to procrastinate/ be distracted/ feel sorry for yourself, and stick to that boundary.

The most important part is to clearly declare your dream/ what you are working towards/ why you are working towards it/ what it really means to you and your life. Get to the heart of WHY you are focused on this dream.  Write the reasons down on paper, and put the paper somewhere that you will see it multiple times a day.  Each time you find yourself being pulled away by something that you know is unproductive and out of alignment with your dream, decide which is more important: the thing that is draining your time or the dream that is growing in your heart. Decide if the time wasting activity is worth putting your dream aside… even ‘just for today’.

Which is more important to you?

Which is more important to your spirit?

In the brilliant book ‘The War of Art’, Steven Pressfield writes “ We don’t tell ourselves, “I’m never going to write my symphony.” Instead we say, “I am going to write my symphony; I’m just going to start tomorrow.””

This way we allow ourselves a lot of extra slack in times when we know we really could make that little extra push of effort that just might get us to the next stage of the journey. Your mind can convince you that this is reasonable, but your heart knows… and it breaks a little bit each time you turn a blind eye to your dreams. Your spirit is demanding your attention to your big vision. It is pleading with you to take a leap, to make the effort, to dare, to be bold, and to write your symphony, not tomorrow, but right now.

So I plead with you now as a citizen of this world, as a human who believes that when more people do what gives their heart fulfilment, this world will live in harmony.

Be bold. Be brave. Make your decision. Your dream is more important.

xo daphne